Reuse, Reinvent, Revive - The humble beauty of the past is reclaimed, reinvented by merging with luxurious craftsmanship to revive into unique and one of a kind garments.

Reuse - Beautiful Things

Vintage garments, carefully resourced on all my travels, are the base of this collection. Each garment has its own history and story to tell and I am trying to pass this on. Believing in slow fashion, craftsmanship and the appreciation of owning something unique and not mass-produced has inspired me to do this collection.

Reinvent - 100% Handmade

Intricate, luxurious and unique embellishment, designed for each style individually, reinvents the vintage garment. Each design is hand embroidered with locally sourced components. Adding couture embellishment to a vintage garment creates a one of a kind piece full of contrast and interest.

Anne Bernecker

Anne graduated at Central Saint Martins in 1997 and has since worked as a Fashion Designer, Trend Forecaster and Trend Consultant. Recently she also started teaching at Fashion College AMD in Germany. Since 2009 she also runs a successful Street Style blog.

Thank you Federica, Christian, Eduardo, Markus, Annette, Christine and Andrea